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YouNeedADrink.com is changing the way they do business. Well, to be more specific, Marla is shaking things up. We are now selling Bulk Wholesale Frozen Drink Mix (10 case minimum per flavor) and we are offering Frozen Drink Consulting.

All those nice customers out there who need a source for consistently tasty and quality frozen drink mix, WELCOME!! We are ready to help you.

All those nice customers out there who need some advice on repairs, starting a new business, or expanding your current business, WELCOME!! We are ready to help you.


We have expanded the flavors were are offering. Get a load of these great slush and frozen cocktail flavors:

FROZEN COCKTAIL MIX FLAVORS: (10 case minimum per flavor)


Grape Punch (7:1)

Hurricane - Louisiana (7:1)

Lemonade (7:1)

Orange Daiquiri (7:1)

Mai Tai (7:1)

Margarita - Gold (7:1)

Margarita - Lime (7:1)

Margarita - Pomegranate (7:1)

Margarita - Strawberry (7:1)

Peach Bellini (7:1)

Rum Runner (7:1)

Sangria (7:1)

Strawberry Daiquiri (7:1)


Banana Daiquiri (5:1)

Blue Hawaii (5:1)

Cherry Limeade (5:1)

Cola (5:1)

Cosmopolitan (5:1)

Mojito (5:1)

Orange Dreamsicle (5:1)

Pina Colada (5:1)

Pink Lemonade (5:1)

Tea (Sweet & UnSweet) (5:1)

CHILLYFRUIT 20% JUICE FLAVORS: (10 case minimum per flavor)

Apple (5:1)

Banana (5:1)

Berry Punch (5:1)

Black Cherry (5:1)

Blue Raspberry (5:1)

Cherry (5:1)

Fruit Punch (5:1)

Grape (5:1)

Kiwi (5:1)

Lemonade (5:1)

Lemon Lime (5:1)

Orange (5:1)

Orange Mango (5:1)

Peach (5:1)

Pink Lemonade (5:1)

Sour Apple (5:1)

Strawberry (5:1)

Strawberry Banana (5:1)

Strawberry Kiwi (5:1)

Tropical Blue (5:1)

Watermelon (5:1)


What is it?

Help with the frozen drink division of your business.

Marla Sanderson has spent 20 years educating and advising business owners who depend on frozen drinks to add a nice chunk of change to their bottom line. She has shared tricks of the trade to increase profits from the frozen drink business. In addition, folks have called and emailed from all over the globe with repair and service questions for their own frozen drink equipment.  Marla has helped countless margarita machine owners with repair and service questions patiently, thoroughly, and kindly. 

Marla Sanderson - Frozen Drink Consultant should be your first contact if you want trustworthy, practical knowledge to help grow your frozen drink business.

I will soon send out a nice email to all my previous customers to let them know the new happenings. In the meantime.....

That is all.

Carry on.

Don't stop believing in WHOLESALE FROZEN DRINK MIX SALES and FROZEN DRINK CONSULTING - Copyright 2019 Marla Sanderson


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