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How We Got Here:

Ken and Marla Sanderson
Randy Eller

Once upon a time, way back in 1999, Marla Sanderson was learning all about the frozen drink business from her brother, Randy Eller.  He began Frozen Drink Madness around 1995 with one Wilch frozen drink machine he obtained from an auction he attended.  Randy, being extremely handy, was a maintenance manager for a large food company by day and worked on car air conditioners at night and on the weekends.  Folks would drive up to his house, park in the driveway and Randy would pop the hood and take care of business.  Being a good host, Randy would offer them a refreshing frozen beverage while they waited. Full disclosure, liquor may or may not have been included, since he was a fan of imbibing.  I mean, if it is hot, and people have a car air conditioner on the fritz, what better way to make them happy?  Solid marketing for a new business idea. As time went on, Randy noticed that he was being invited to a lot of parties.  Of course, the invitation always suggested that he bring his margarita machine as his "plus one".  He realized that his "plus one" was more popular than he was.  And so Frozen Drink Madness was born.

In 2001 Marla took her education and started Frozen Drink Madness of Tennessee, Inc. as a completely separate company. She knew that the folks of Nashville, Tennessee would enjoy these slush, margarita and daiquiri machines just as much as the folks in Texas did.  She was right. The business grew quickly.  In addition to leasing and renting margarita machines and other concession equipment for parties and corporate events,  she also sold frozen drink mix and syrups, margarita and slush equipment & frozen drink equipment parts from manufacturers like Bunn, Crathco, Taylor, Carpigiani, Faby, Cecilware, and more. The business also created ChillyFruit, a juice based frozen drink slush for kids.  By 2005 Frozen Drink Madness of Tennessee, Inc. was providing equipment and selling ChillyFruit to schools in over 1/3 of the counties in the state of Tennessee.  


Later in 2005, Marla noticed that the school business was changing rapidly.  Being flexible and willing to change with the tide of evolving business, Marla started the website YouNeedADrink.com.  The name was not only catchy, but it allowed her business to stand out from the crowd. In addition to the sales of slush mix, frozen drink equipment, frozen drink machine parts and providing party rentals, equipment leasing, service and repair, she added the sales of funky and funny party supplies and gift ware to the business.  She carried many great lines like MikWright, New Yorker Cartoon products, Anne Taintor, Shannon Martin, Erin Smith and more.


As time went on, Marla saw that more and more folks were calling for advice and guidance to help their businesses grow.  Many slush machine owners had service questions and needed a trusted person to help them with their repairs. It was very apparent that many competitors are not willing to help folks.  Either they don't know how or don't have the patience.  Marla and YouNeedADrink.com was the exception.  She provided the needed maintenance help as well as sold parts for slush machines, ice cream machines, frozen drink equipment. And unlike most all of the other parts sales sites, Marla actually knows which part goes where and can help customers avoid buying the wrong item.

Marla is now changing focus of YouNeedADrink.com to offer her expertise and knowledge to help YOU make extra money from the FROZEN DRINK BUSINESS. Marla has always gone above and beyond to educate about the frozen drink machine business.  She's advised party and event planners, bar owners, and concession trailer operators, and other party and event rental companies who want to add frozen drinks to their repertoire. 


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